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It’s transformative, even life-changing, to discover how to be your very best self. When looking to maximise your potential or navigate change, 1:1 coaching is a trusted means to exceptional progress. 

As a coach I work with women to challenge their mindset, self-perceptions and limiting beliefs, and tap into their resourcefulness, self-reliance and capability. I help you rediscover just how brilliant you are and give you strategies to live freely and achieve goals that have fallen away with the demands of life. 

I’m dedicated to help you navigate work, relationships, motherhood and more, and to attract thinking that allows you to thrive in every aspect of life. As a certified life coach and a "thought specialist", I provide clarity in confusion, guidance when you feel lost, and a platform for exploration that helps you rediscover your innate potential.

Coaching is a safe partnership that yields transformative results. With the right championing, your growth is inevitable.

I look forward to chatting with you soon. 

Bernice x​​

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I am a mum of two beautiful, energetic, wonderful children but like so many parents, we have our peaks and troughs in this world of parenting. Bernice was a calm, reassuring voice of reason and logic. She listened, offered advice and provided specific strategies to implement; some of which we were already doing and some of which were fresh ideas. I was reassured to hear the importance of a calm but firm approach to instil clear expectations but equally to give opportunity for us to listen to the children and give opportunity for them to work through the issues as a family team. Thanks Bernice for your care and compassion.

I have been working with Bernice for a few months now and I can’t believe it took me so long to see a life coach! Being a strong, independent woman, I thought I was capable of handling everything that life has thrown me but being single mom of two really tiny kids, trying to work full time, run a household and still have a bit of “me” time (not to mention trying to keep sane!) has been taking its toll... 

Just having a third party’s perspective, helping shift my focus and deal with (& slowly overcoming...!) life’s challenges has helped me so much. Bernice has such an amazing way of helping you see situations differently and make them into opportunities to better yourself at the same time. The impact she has had on using different approaches as to how I handle my kids and my life generally has been significant and I think I’m a better mom and person as a result. I highly l recommend Bernice for anyone contemplating getting a life coach! It’s the best decision I have made!

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